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Shooting style:

Shooting for many different client's keeps my style fresh and unique. I don't repeat the same

canned shots over & over at each wedding. I approach each wedding as a unique opportunity to

be explored and interpreted. No two weddings are the same and neither should your wedding

photography. When you commission me to photograph your wedding, you can be assured of

artistic yet professional results!

I won't claim that you won't "even know I'm there", but my presence will be respectful and one

of comradery. Except for formals, I ask you to pretend that I'm not there. Your special day is

about you, not being directed by a photographer. My style is adaptive artistic journalism. I have

developed the ability to recognize the importance of the minutiae and the ability to capture it

with impact and grace.

I never book 2 wedding shoots on the same day and I limit myself to approximately 20 weddings

per year. This way I can approach each wedding fresh and not fall into a pattern of making the

same pictures wedding after wedding. Similar to the creative energy I draw on for my advertising

& commercial projects.


Photographs are one of our most treasured possessions. You've probably heard the saying-

"If the house was on fire the 1st thing I would grab would be the family pictures."

I personally couldn't agree more. My photo of my wife, daughter, family & friends are priceless.

When I photograph your wedding, my responsibility goes far beyond making photographs, I am

preserving memories for you and future generations. I take this responsibility very seriously yet

approach the task with a light heart. While photography is my career, it is still fun and I would

not choose to do anything else. I believe we all do our best when we enjoy the work we are

engaged in.

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